Back From The Dead.

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I haven’t posted anything for ages, but now I have returned, I changed the look of my Blog, cus’ I really respect this layout, and have used it on another blog of mine, it works for me and I hope it works for you (whoever you are, please leave a comment, as its nice to know who looks at this stuff).

A few updates, I finished University, Graduated, I live in Bristol now with my Girlfriend, which is all good.

My Direction hasn’t changed I still plan on doing what I planned (making T-shirt’s and Designing) I have just slowed down, sorting out my habitat and job.

Watch this space, as Im going to try and dedicate it to my creative work, musical interests and anything I want to share.

P.s. Sorry I went away for so long.

Kip x

Changes in Foresight.

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The last couple of months have been especially hard for me, in choosing what I want to do with my life. My University time is almost up, and I think everyone at this point in life really does question ‘Where am I going?’.

As an artist I wanted to start my own T-shirt design company, and I still very much do, but after toiling over it in my head, I just don’t think im ready for a commitment like that straight away. I feel I need to develop myself as an artist more, try and craft a style (which I could moan for hours about) and attempt not to emulate another. I have so many good  ideas (in my opinion), and can be described as an idea factory, but never get them down and done, because of other commitments. Mostly University work to be honest.

I have also seen the light when it comes to my degree, its not for me, yeah its Art, but its has a certain lack of freedom, no matter which way you look at it. And I think anyone that’s leaving/left Uni, realizes that a degree counts for *beep* all today.

My chosen subject of Animation is tedious, its not like painting a picture, or drawing. Its about doing the same thing again and again, with careful planning, there is no sense of spontaneity, which some people like, but I think it grounds me. You have to plan (for industry) I can’t just pick up a pencil or a mouse/graphics tablet pen and start scrawling away. Don’t get me wrong I completely respect the it and all the people involved, but again, its not for me.

So after mass deliberation with myself, I think above all I crave the freedom of ‘no homework’, and a steady job with steady income (I’ve got everything else, loving family and girlfriend), that requires me to go home and rest and not worry about what tomorrow brings. I think in the next year or so is when I will really discover what I want to be, even if it is just another person stuck in the rat race, that goes home and quietly paints in his room.

Caspa And Rusko

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Rusko Posteralternate

So I was recently asked to make some posters for Caspa and Rusko, playing at SubClub in Newport. and here is what I came up with. Random is the most descriptive word I can come up with for them. Caspa poster is meant to represent ‘Casper the (not so) friendly ghost’ returning from the ‘Ghost-busters Ghost trap (Classic retro for all you fans), and the Rusko poster, I just did on a whim. I was going to include loads of tanks with speakers on them in the background, but didn’t as I feared I would run out of room for text. I think on the next poster I will create something symmetrical and not weighted to either side. As you can see I still haven’t worked out how convert ai. files to jpeg. yet…. what happened to true black? silly me, all in good time I suppose.